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 Holistic coaching will inspire the you to find your inner happiness, since external factors, like material things and people, can never make anyone truly happy. Harmony and happiness can only be achieved when we start listening to our emotions. This inner voice is always guiding us on the right path to our dreams. It is free from any limitations that stop us from being who we truly are. In other words, holistic coaching is about helping you to reach your full potential and blossom from the inside. A holistic coach can help you be the person you truly are; free from any limitations created by you ”ego” .

Our coaching sessions are offered on a one on one basis.  depending on your individual needs they also include our horses as facilitators and or nature.

Our medium sessions


 Louise Violette-Beaulieu is a natural born medium here in Grand Falls and I am honored to share this information with you. As a person, Louise will make you feel comfortable and secure and safe in her presence. As a medium she blows the doors to the spiritual realms wide open: she receives the complete personality of whom she is channeling and you will have no doubt in your mind, what Louise is communicating to you is for the greater good of all. Louise knows how to guide and perceive her natural gift as a medium. towards a truly loving, perceptive, clear, direct medium session. If you have a loved one passed and you would like to have her give you that clear, direct, blessed connection, now is the time!"  

Our Mission

We offer the chance for everyone to discover self healing through holistic coaching with nature.

 Our mission is to offer the chance for people of all ages and backgrounds to discover self healing facilitated by nature and the horses, supported by us as certified EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) facilitators.  It is essential to us that all sessions are offered in respect and in a sacred space of possibilities.  

LERAS Horse Path was founded in 2010. Louise Violette-Beaulieu is the founder and Raymonde Violette is the co-founder. We are situated out in the country in the St-Leonard, Grand Falls, NB region. The horses roam on a beautiful 110 acre land offering a place to learn self development, leadership, self confidence, discover your true purpose and lots more. 

We are a team of five people which includes two certified EFL facilitators, Louise Violette-Beaulieu and Raymonde Violette, with us is Eric Beaulieu, Amelie Violette and Samuel Beaulieu completing our wonderful circle of support.  Targeting a vast majority of people wanting self discovery, attain personal goals, discover their true self and finding a life purpose. All this offered through our holistic coaching methods based on emotional agility supported by nature and horses. 

The services here are offered in a very confidential matter. Come enjoy all of what LERAS has to offer


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